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Many of the families who come to see me are going through a divorce or separation.
During this time of enormous upheaval families are compelled to set new rules, establish new boundaries and find new ways to communicate. None of this is easy at the best of times, let alone when tensions are high, emotions strained and patience is hard to find.
Finding ways to parent without conflict and to talk to your children in an age appropriate way about what is happening can pave the way towards a happy future. A therapist can help guide this process in a safe and contained way.


Families are like engines; when every part is running smoothly then the machine can do its job. If, however, something happens to affect all or part of the whole, problems can arise.
Some families come to me because of concerns that have been present for many years. Perhaps there is intense sibling rivalry, or maybe one child has a disability and the family is struggling to cope. At other times it is a sudden event that propels families to seek help, like the death of a relative or a change of circumstance.
No one person is to blame and taking time to think about the way you communicate both with each other and about the problems themselves can make a huge difference. 

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